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Download Free Movie themes for Windows 7'

Below I am listing down few top movie themes like Alice in wonderland, Matrix, Iron man etc which has been always on my list and stayed for long as one of the themes on my Windows 7 desktop. Some of the themes have just wallpapers and some are a complete theme with styles and sounds.

Alice in Wonderland Theme for Windows 7

The most read story of our childhood and when Disney recreated it, it made every parent remind of they actually used to imagine Alice in Wonderland when it was told by teachers at school. This windows 7 theme showcases the important characters of the movie i.e. the red queen, white queen, the rabbit, Mad Hatter, Alice, Cat and others.

Inception Theme for Windows 7 :

Inception was tough to understand for many but the concept was mind blowing. This theme brings the sound effects and views from the movie right to your desktop. Though there is an iPad App for it also if you really want to get into it.
Inception Theme

Shrek Forever Windows 7 Theme

Shrek Forever After With Family


Mega Mind Movie Theme for Windows 7

Megamind baldy villian


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